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The aim of this site is to present relevant information on projects related to safe re-use of personal protective equipment and dedicated breathing equipment. Experiences and results are shared on this webpage and will be regularly updated.


Personal protective equipment
The Covid-19 pandemic causes local shortages of personal protective equipment such as face masks. In preparation for that scarcity hospitals may obtain masks from other parties than their regular suppliers or consider re-use of masks after sterilization. To evaluate the safety of these masks extensive testing according to standardized norms is required. However, as these testing facilities are not readily available, we and other institutes bring together expertise to build up such testing facilities and to support validation.

  • ProjectMask: in preparation for that scarcity hospitals we initiated the sterilisation of masks and the evaluation of their performance. We bring together expertise to build up testing facilities and to support validation.


Dedicated breathing systems
Due to the pandemic we might face national and worldwide shortage of breathing equipment. For the production of dedicated breathing equipment, aimed to reduce the shortage we work on three parallel projects, to maximize the chance that large-scale producible equipment will be available on short notice. These projects are:

  • OperationAIR: dedicated breathing system that as close as reasonably possible complies with safety regulations and will be usable within the Dutch hospital infrastructure;
  • BTB Breathe: a dedicated breathing system designed with the absolute minimum of parts, usable within and outside the Dutch hospital infrastructure;
  • Project INSPIRATION: a dedicated breathing system with a mechanical – analogic basis, suitable for use outside the hospital setting (i.e. in emergency overflow facilities), or in low income countries.

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